An Article By: M.L. Milligan

What do you think of when you hear the word “warrior”? Is it a knight, with shining armor, a lance or sword in hand, perched atop a mighty steed? Or is your mind’s eye seeing a more contemporary scene, like a military soldier in full uniform, his gaze laser focused? Both are good examples. 

But what if I told you that there is a more subtle form of warriors that inhabit this earth? One who you pass daily on the streets. The boy on the skateboard with the checkered shirt. The girl you see curled up in the corner of a library, oblivious to the word as she is swept into another.


What if I told you that you are wanted as a warrior, right here and right now?

Because you know what? You are.

At this very moment, you are being drafted for active duty in one of the most powerful armies known to man. You will face grueling hardships as the war rages around you. You will experience fatigue, you will be discouraged, and you will feel spent as you diligently train for battle. Whose army is it, you ask, that I am a part of?

The Lord’s.

We fight not a physical battle, but a spiritual one (Ephesians 6:12). We are God’s warriors, set on this earth to train and be ready for His call.

We are an elite task force with clear-cut objectives and high standards. We are constantly assaulted on all fronts by the enemy, who is bound and determined to lie, kill, and destroy all that we are charged to uphold and protect.

Fellow warrior, you are not alone. This battle is hard and the days are long, but this earth is not our end home ( 2 Corinthians 5:1). We have an advantage over our common enemy because we have and serve a God who protects us and keeps us, even in the midst of this fight. One who has promised us a greater reward than this life could ever offer for holding to His laws. 

And the amazing thing is that He always has an opening for new recruits. New members join the ranks every day, and He welcomes them with open arms. Prepare and ready yourselves with His armor: Truth, righteousness, peace, and above all, faith and salvation (2 Corinthians 6:14-17). Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your comrades and lead the charge into the fray.

You are a warrior. Train and pray as such. Stay focused on our main objective. Every member of the Lord’s army is wanted, and it is for His glory that we meet the foe with a vengeance. 

So what will it be? Are you ready to march among the ranks?

Meet the Writer

A bookworm at heart and a desert girl by choice, M. L. Milligan is a lifelong horse lover with a passion for Jesus, rainy days, and long chats with her characters. She’s always up for a bowl of popcorn and a movie, or a long trek through uncharted territory, provided someone supplies the coffee. She makes her home in the Sagebrush state with a small gaggle of hens, an array of dogs and a cat, all proudly rescues.

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