An Article By: Deigan Marie

Has there ever been a time when something really, really tragic happened to you or someone you loved, and you wondered, “Why, God? Why are You letting this happen?”? Especially if it was to a good person?

I know that feeling. 

A while ago, my sister received word that a friend’s house burned down. 

To. The. Ground.  

They literally had nothing

That night, when I was praying before bed, I got really mad at God. I was in tears because I just couldn’t understand why He would let something like that happen. I was so angry, I just kept saying “Why? Why, why, why, why?”

Then the next morning, I got my answer. 

It turns out that the house burning may have been the only way one of the family was to heal from an illness. 

I was so ashamed. I was so, so sorry. “I’m so sorry, Lord!” I cried that night. “I never should have doubted You!” I couldn’t stop apologizing. Then, I felt like the Lord had said, “I forgive you.” I wiped away my tears. I smiled. “Thanks.

I knew why that bad thing had happened.

But what about other, worse things? 

I’m reminded of WWII and the horror of the holocaust. Why on earth would God let something so terrible happen to His people? What if it was so His power could be shown? Romans 9:17 (KJV) says –

“Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.” 

God always, always has a reason behind His actions. 

So maybe take a moment next time you’re ready to yell at God for something bad happening in your life. Breathe in. Count to five. Exhale. Ask yourself why this bad thing may be happening, instead of jumping to conclusions. 

And even if the reason may not be apparent now, it may become more clear later. 

When has there been a time when you realized something bad may actually be a blessing in disguise? 

Hello! I’m Deigan Marie, and I work as an article writer, graphics designer, and Instagram post writer, here at Vessels of Honor. When I’m off the screen, however, I’ll be found reading stories, or writing them, mixing up a new recipe, or singing three lines of a song over and over! I’m a firm believer in miracles, and the power of Christ. 

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