Meet the Team

Co-Founder and Instagram Manager

Hi there! My name is Allyson Jamison and I am a writer with a passion to serve Christ! Though fiction is my first love, I have lately found enjoyment in nonfiction as well and love using my talents for the Lord. When not scribbling furiously away with pen and paper or typing at the computer as I’m more often to do, I can be found in a quiet corner lost in the pages of a book, cuddling with my dog, or cooking up some scheme of adventure that will result in mischief and fun. Always while drinking a cup of tea.

Writer, Content Editor, and Graphic Designer

Hey there! I’m M. L. Milligan, but you can call me Mac. My friends classify me as crazy, but I’m really just your average gal with a love of words, a passion for Jesus, and a longing for rainy days. I love writing, reading, and all things horses. Give me coffee and a good book, and you’ve made a friend for life!

Writer, Graphic Designer, and Instagram Author

Hello! I’m Deigan Marie, and I work as an article writer, graphics designer, and Instagram post writer, here at Vessels of Honor. Most days you can find me reading stories or writing them, mixing up a new recipe, or singing three lines of a song over and over! I’m a firm believer in miracles, and the power of the cross. 

Co-Founder and Blog Manager

Greetings! I’m Jaybird Summers. I’m a firm believer in C.O.F.F.E.E. (Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere) and I have a love for studying God’s word. When away from the blog, I can be found wandering the farm or spending time with friends and family. When I can’t be found, I’m usually in my favorite cubbyhole reading a good book with a steaming cup of joe and a mind that is worlds away.

Our Testimony

This ministry was co-founded by myself and my best friend, Allyson Jamison. We have always enjoyed blessing others with our creative endeavors and have been working in volunteer work for a while now. The idea to start our own ministry came suddenly but felt exactly what the Lord wanted us to do. It took a late night, very little sleep, and a lot of work but here we are now, a flourishing Instagram and a new website. It feels amazing to share our efforts with you all.

Our idea is that we are all vessels of the Lord and that He is daily molding and making us into the image that He wants us to be. He is filling us up when we are dry so that we might pour out that fragrant oil upon others and spread His word. Each of us are a different shape and size making us uniquely who God wants us to be, and each of us have our own unique talents to share with others. We hope ours will bless you.

   We’re not looking to be huge, we’re not hoping to reach millions, we only wish to share with those who need to hear what we have to say in the time they need to hear it. To bless others. We’re doing what the Lord has called us to do and that is enough.

  Thank you again for stopping by and we encourage you to return as we publish more content here, and on Instagram. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you and give you peace.


“Blessed are those who believe without seeing.”

John 20:29