My Story

Hi there! *waves enthusiastically*

My name is Jaiden and I am the person behind Vessels of Honor! 

It all started when best friend came out for a visit and we were laughing on my bed. We both sat up and she said what if we started a ministry? 

That’s all it took, and Vessels of Honor was born. 

  I want Vessels of Honor to be a platform to reach people and help them while also sharing my love for God and His word. 

I plan on sharing about my crazy wonderful life. So expect coffee dates, blog ideas, prayers, bible time, study sessions, and check ins. All the while still sharing His word through posts both here and on Instagram. 

I hope that together we can grow and uplift each other. I look forward to this new journey! 

It took late nights, load of coffee, and a lot of work but here we are. With a flourishing Instagram and a new website. It feels amazing to share my dream with all of you!

The Testimony

The idea is that we are all vessels of the Lord and that He is daily molding and making us into the image that He wants us to be. He is filling us up when we are dry so that we might pour out that fragrant oil upon others and spread His word. Each of us are a different shape and size making us uniquely who God wants us to be, and each of us have our own unique talents to share with others. We hope ours will bless you.

   We’re not looking to be huge, we’re not hoping to reach millions, we only wish to share with those who need to hear what we have to say in the time they need to hear it. To bless others. To do what the Lord has put on my heart and that’s enough.

How can you be a Vessel of the Lord?

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“Blessed are those who believe without seeing.”

John 20:29