An Article By: Sarah Susanna Rhomberg

“And now she’s shattered and heart-broken.” She sighed and looked down. “The thing is this,” she continued, “My friend is sure that God promised it.”  I stood there listening to her telling me about her friend. A friend who had tried to “help” God keep His promise to her. A friend who was now heartbroken. Continue reading “An Article By: Sarah Susanna Rhomberg”

An Article By: Zachary Coffey

Anger. It is an emotional blaze that we have as humans. It can drive and give us strength. But the same flame we use for warmth can also consume us. It needs to be controlled and not allowed to have any dominion in our life. Scripture tells us that anger is not something we shouldContinue reading “An Article By: Zachary Coffey”

An Article By: Megan Lang ~Followed by Q&A

‘That was the quickest thing I ever saw,’ I exclaimed to my dad.

One minute, I’d been sitting atop a hail bail watching the sun set, waiting for him to finish talking on the phone. I turned around to pick up my pup and the next thing I knew, the sunset was over.

An Article By: Deigan Marie

Beloved. What a small word.  One that couldn’t possibly apply to me. There’s no way anyone could love me–I’m hopelessly flawed, unworthy, and don’t deserve it.  Well, you’re right.  You are flawed. There’s no human on earth that isn’t. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. (Romans 3:23, KJV). But,Continue reading “An Article By: Deigan Marie”

An Article By: Allyson Jamison

   Being different can be hard. Standing out in the crowd is not something we all want to do. It’s much easier to blend in, staying on the sidelines – and within your comfort zone. But that’s not where God’s called us to be.    He’s calling us to be different. For Him. He wants us toContinue reading “An Article By: Allyson Jamison”