5 Study Methods I Just Discovered

How do you study The Bible? Do you have a specific method that you use or do you change it up everytime? In this article, I am going to share 5 Bible studying methods that I’ve discovered and can’t wait to try! Please feel free to share your favorite methods in the comments or visitContinue reading “5 Study Methods I Just Discovered”

An Article By: Deigan Marie

Has there ever been a time when something really, really tragic happened to you or someone you loved, and you wondered, “Why, God? Why are You letting this happen?”? Especially if it was to a good person? I know that feeling.  A while ago, my sister received word that a friend’s house burned down.  To.Continue reading “An Article By: Deigan Marie”

An Article By: Megan Lang ~Followed by Q&A

‘That was the quickest thing I ever saw,’ I exclaimed to my dad.

One minute, I’d been sitting atop a hail bail watching the sun set, waiting for him to finish talking on the phone. I turned around to pick up my pup and the next thing I knew, the sunset was over.

An Article By: Sherrice Myers

 What is clay?  Well, having tried my hand at pottery for a short time, clay is messy. It gets over everything and is complicated to mold. It’s temperamental in that, too much water, and you have dirty soup that won’t conform to its shape. And with too little water, it’s too stubborn and firm toContinue reading “An Article By: Sherrice Myers”